Eine Bürgerbewegung, die sich dem Klimawandel in den Städten stellt,
ein kleiner Schritt nach dem anderen
Green City Makers ist eine globale Bürgerbewegung, die in Lissabon/Portugal mit einem Ziel geboren wurde: es Familien und Städten leichter zu machen, Planeten-Superhelden im Kampf gegen den Klimawandel zu werden.

Wir wissen, dass der Klimawandel beängstigend und so gewaltig ist, dass viele Menschen denken, sie seien zu unbedeutend, um eine Veränderung zu bewirken. Wir wollen ihnen beweisen, dass sie sich irren und jede unserer Handlungen einen Einfluss haben kann. Wenn wir zusammenarbeiten, ist unsere Fähigkeit, positive Veränderungen zu bewirken, enorm. Außerdem kann es Spaß machen und lohnend sein!

Natürlich ist es schwer, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, selbst wenn wir wissen, dass sie gut für uns oder den Planeten sind. Deshalb ermutigen wir Familien und Städte, die Art von kleinen Gesten zu machen, die sie bereits als Teil ihrer täglichen Routine tun.
Bei Green City Makers arbeiten wir mit saisonalen Kampagnen. Im Moment arbeiten wir an unserer Sommerkampagne, die am 1. Juli beginnt und am 30. September in ganz Europa endet, und Sie können ein Teil davon sein!

Diese Sommerkampagne hat ein einfaches Ziel: zu verhindern, dass durstige Straßenbäume ohne städtische Bewässerung im Sommer unter Wasserstress geraten.

Werden Sie ein stolzer Green City Maker mit einer einfachen Geste: gießen Sie den Straßenbaum, der Ihrem Zuhause, Ihrer Arbeit, Ihrer Universität oder Ihrem Fitnessstudio am nächsten ist. Auf diese Weise wird es Ihnen leicht fallen, Ihre Flasche wieder aufzufüllen. Einfach, oder?

Dann machen Sie mit bei unserer Sommerkampagne. Werden Sie ein Green City Maker und ein glücklicher Baum wird Ihr Tree Buddy sein!
Nach den neuesten Forschungsergebnissen der Konferenz Urban Forestry Days, die dieses Jahr vom Europäischen Forstinstitut veranstaltet wurde, werden Stadtbäume, insbesondere solche auf Gehwegen, die in der Regel nicht bewässert werden, in den nächsten 5 bis 10 Jahren absterben, wenn wir nichts dagegen unternehmen.

The conference about urban area and sustainability transition
Register by using one of the available options on Become a Green City Maker! so you become part of our community.
Ann Wählen Sie Ihren Tree Buddy
Wählen Sie den Straßenbaum ohne städtische Bewässerung, der Ihrem Zuhause, Ihrer Arbeit oder Ihrem Fitnessstudio am nächsten ist und verpflichten Sie sich, ihn regelmäßig zu gießen. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie beim ersten Gießen Ihres Tree Buddy ein Selfie auf Ihren bevorzugten Social Media Plattformen mit uns teilen!
Gießen Sie IhrenTree Buddy!
Wann immer möglich, gießen Sie Ihren Tree Buddy mit Ihrer nachfüllbaren Flasche und stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie beim ersten Gießen Ihres Tree Buddy ein Selfie auf Ihren bevorzugten Social Media Plattformen mit uns teilen!
Feiern Sie Ihre Bewässerungsmomente!
Jedes Mal, wenn Sie Ihren Tree Buddy bewässern, lassen Sie es uns wissen! Teilen Sie den Moment auf Ihren bevorzugten Social-Media-Plattformen mit einem einfachen Post, der diese Hashtags enthält: #treebuddy #greencitymakers und #yourcityname (Beispiel: #berlin).
Denn echte Superhelden tragen keinen Umhang!
These are the FAQ asked to our Amigo Bot
Tree Buddy
What is a Tree Buddy?
A Tree Buddy is a street tree that is adopted by one or more Green City Makers to be watered during the summer season (from July 1st to September 30th)

Can I adopt a Tree Buddy in my city even when it is not a supporting City?
Of course! Green City Makers is a movement made by citizens for citizens. Having supporting cities is awesome but our goal is to get to you and to make you aware of this problem and to offer you a simple action plan that could help prevent urban trees from dying because of climate change.

Can I adopt more than one Tree Buddy?
Of course you can adopt as many as you want. There are plenty of street trees without not getting enough water in your city that are desperate to quench their thirst!

Another reason for adopting more than one Tree Buddy is because many people go on holidays during the summer months and they tend to leave for other places. This is the perfect opportunity for you to do your bit in as many places as you can. And don’t worry! Your Tree Buddy in your hometown won’t be jealous. On the contrary it will be very proud of you!

Just remember, on your social media share a selfie watering your new Tree Buddy, and in the post include #greencitymakers #treebuddy, and #cityname, for instance, #Alicante.

Can a Tree Buddy be adopted by many different people?
Absolutely! There are two reasons why.

The first one is that to quench a tree’s thirst it needs more than a bottle of water. That is why being adopted by more than one Green City Maker guarantees that it will get as much water as possible per day.

The second reason is that any tree in the city belongs to the community, not to one person. And a way to make that visible is by promoting awareness of street trees as they become the Tree Buddies of many Green City Makers.

Is it better to water a young or an old tree?
According to the research done by Professor Dagmar Haase all trees from all species and at all ages are in danger. However, it is true that young trees are more sensitive to hydric stress because their root system is very superficial. Long story short: all urban street trees will appreciate being watered, and especially the young ones.

Why do we need to water urban street trees?
According to Professor Dagmar Haase urban trees are experiencing severe hydric stress from climate change. This stress is exacerbated during the summer season where we have more hours of sunshine and the temperatures are consistently higher than the rest of the year.
Urban street trees are at much greater risk because they tend not to receive municipal irrigation and the permeable surface to collect water from the rain is minimal. That is why they are the ones experiencing higher stress compared to urban trees in a city park, for example.
Watering your Tree Buddy
What is the minimum amount of water that I need to give my Tree Buddy?
There is no minimum, of course your Tree Buddy needs a lot of water and every drop counts. Just like it counts for you when you are thirsty. But answer your question half a litre is okay. 1 litre is even better.

I have watered my Tree Buddy, now what?
First of all, congratulations! We are as happy as your Tree Buddy! There are a number of things that you could do and are about celebrating the moment and sharing it with us. Let me share those with you:

If it is the first time you water your Tree Buddy, share a selfie on your social media channel of preference - we are on Instagram and Facebook - so we can see it too. Plus, add to your post the following hashtags: #greencitymakers #trebuddy #watering #yourcityname (example #Barcelona).

If this is not your first time, you can still celebrate with us sharing on social media a post with the same hashtags and telling us something about your Tree Buddy. Did you put it a name? What tree specie it is?

Do not forget to add us to your network on social media!

What kind of water should I use?
The same water that you drink. Plus, you can also use the water from your air conditioning system.

What is a good time to water my Tree Buddy?
Every moment is a good time for your Tree Buddy. What matters is if it is also a good moment for you. Let me share some ideas with about when is a good time:
  • If you are working on the computer, while at home, I strongly recommend you give your eyes a rest and stretch your legs by going out and watering your Tree Buddy (pick one that is at least within walking distance from your home) This will be good for you as well as for your Tree Buddy
  • When you take out the trash, make sure you bring a bottle of water with you and go water your Tree Buddy.
  • When you go to the gym: water a Tree Buddy that is close by, and refill your bottle once you get there.
Share with us on social media when you water your Tree Buddy, your experience can inspire other Green City Makers!!!

Can I use a refillable bottle? Yes, do!

Please, do not buy bottles of water to water your Tree Buddy. Use the one you normally carry with you when going to work, the gym, etc...

Is there any risk of overwatering a Tree Buddy?
Absolutely not. To overwater a tree it would take many, many litres of water, even for a young tree. That risk is even lower during summer because trees evapo-transpirate or, in plain English, sweat a lot. Therefore they lose lots of water, and hence they need as much water as they can get.

It's raining today, do I need to water my Tree Buddy?
It's up to you, but if it's just a light shower, you can water your Tree Buddy.
Supporting City
What is a supporting city?
A supporting city is a City that has joined the movement and is actively supporting it with a local campaign. If you live in a supporting city you will see that some street trees have posters or a plaque that has given a person’s name to the tree, with some info about our movement, and how people can endorse the Summer Campaign with a QR code to facilitate the process. They also are active on social media sharing the stories of these selected trees.
It's amazing!

Can I adopt a Tree Buddy in my own city, even when it is not a supporting City?
Of course!
Green City Makers is a movement made by and for citizens.
Having supporting cities is awesome but our goal is to get to you and to make you aware of this problem and to offer you a simple action plan that could help prevent urban trees from dying because of climate change.

I am a Green City Maker and I’d like my city to become a supporting city. How can I do that?
First of all thank you so much!! You are definitely a Green City Maker!!

To help you as much as possible in this process, please send us an email at greencitymakers@gmail.com, tell us what city, and we will provide an email template and a presentation deck. We have both parts translated into many different languages to help Green City Makers like you through this process.

I represent a City Hall, and our city is interested in endorsing this initiative. How can we participate?
We are glad that you are interested, thank you so much. Please send us an email at greencitymakers@gmail.com. We will schedule a call with you in which we will walk you through the process. It’s super simple and easy.
Dies ist die Liste der Städte, die die Green City Makers aktiv mit lokalen Kampagnen unterstützen
Wir haben ein tolles Team, das über ganz Europa verteilt ist!
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