Let's make a Christmas present to nature!

This Winter Campaign is about preventing the most iconic symbol of Christmas, the natural Christmas tree, to end up on landfills. And we want to do that in as many cities as possible with your help!

At Green City Makers, we believe that together we can make a huge difference in taking on climate change with small gestures, just like this Winter Campaign.

With this Campaign, we bring you a set of options for the farewell your natural Christmas tree buddy deserves.
You may ask - "Why care?" In the end, the trees will decompose naturally, aren't they?

Well, the truth is, your tree will decompose but not in the best way, because most landfills are oxygen sucks, depleting the key resource for organic materials to decompose properly: oxygen. Your Christmas tree will simply go to waste in such an environment. Besides, there are better ways to say goodbye to your natural Christmas tree!

Cities like Barcelona – the hometown of our founder, – Madrid, or New York put in place campaigns to collect these amazing buddies and produce compost, mulch, or even replant them!

Unfortunately, this is not a widespread practice. That is where Green City Makers come in with our Winter Campaign: promoting these practices in as many cities as possible with you and your City Hall.
Why should we all give second lives to our Christmas trees
Wood Chips
Some cities will transform the Christmas buddies into chips for the city parks
Some cities will transform the Christmas buddies into compost for their city parks
Some cities will have programs in place for replanting
Amphibian shelters
Some cities will use the logs to create shelters for increasing biodiversity in their city parks
To properly farewell your natural Christmas tree buddy, these are the steps to follow
Check what options are available in your city
Find out in the City section which cities have campaigns in place
Let us know how are you going to give a better farewell to your Christmas tree buddy
Fill in the form available on this webpage
Get your Christmas tree buddy ready & make a Christmas present to Nature
Remove any Christmas decorations that your tree might have and, of course, the pot and take it to the collection point from January 10 to 16
Celebrate with us this moment
You have just made a Christmas present to Nature!!
Share this magical moment
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Click on the images to learn more about their plans to properly farewell Christmas tree buddies
Click on the buttons to discover which cities are collaborating with Green City Makers to make sure their citizens can properly farewell their natural Christmas Tree buddy
Let us know how are you going to farewell your Christmas tree buddy!
Winter Campaign 2020
4 Supporting Organizations
Lisbon City Hall
A Piece of Lemon Cake
Over 1 250
Christmas tree buddies collected in a Week in Lisbon!!!
That is a woooow
7 Pick-up Points
of natural Christmas pine trees of Lisbon
3 Tonnes of high-quality compost
Produced in the brand-new compost facility of Valorsul
Green City Makers is a global civic movement born in Lisbon Portugal in 2020 with one goal: to simplify for families and cities to become planet-superheroes in the fight against climate change.

We know that climate change is scary and so big to contemplate that many people think they are too insignificant to effect change. We want to prove to them that they are wrong and every one of our actions can have a positive impact. When we work together our capacity to drive positive change is enormous. Besides, it can be fun and rewarding.

Of course, taking action, even when we know it will be good for us or for the planet, is hard. That's why we encourage families and cities to make the kind of small gestures they already do as part of their day-to-day routines.
We have an amazing team spread across Europe!
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These are the FAQ asked to our Amigo Bot
I want to participate, what are my options?
Check on the city section on this website. If you don't find your city this is what you can do:
1 - Reach out to your city hall, many have a year-long collection service for garden waste. This is the best alternative to give a proper farewell to your Christmas tree buddy.
2 - Check if you have a community garden or urban orchard nearby. Most of them do their compost and they will be very happy to receive your Christmas tree buddy.
3 - If any of the above work, you may check if there is nearby an organic waste facility that may accept your Christmas tree buddy.
4 - If nothing that we have suggested works for you, the option that we can offer you is to transform your Christmas tree buddy into firewood, in case you have a fireplace.
What is a supporting city?
It is a city that is actively supporting our movement with a local campaign. Check if your city is a supporting city in the city section.
I’d like my city to become a supporting city. How can I do that?
Firstly, thank you so much, you are definitely a Green City Maker!!
To help you as much as possible in this process, please email us at greencitymakers@gmail.com, tell us what city, and we will provide an email template and a presentation deck. We have both parts translated into many languages to help Green City Makers like you through this process.
I represent a City Hall, and our city is interested in endorsing this initiative. How can we participate?
We are glad that you are interested! Please email us at greencitymakers@gmail.com. Then we can schedule a call and share the main ideas of how your particular city can contribute!

Why should we recycle our natural Christmas trees? Don't they decompose naturally?
The truth is: your tree will decompose naturally at the landfill, but not really effective. Most landfills are oxygen sucks, depleting the resource that is essential for organic materials to decompose. Your Christmas tree will simply go to waste in such an environment.

And you may know the basic principle of sustainable living: "Reuse whenever you can!"

I am really interested in your work, do you have a newsletter?
Yes, we do, thanks for your interest. To receive our newsletter register to become a green city maker. The form is available on the homepage.